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#TurbanistaTrendsetter: Artist & Advocate Tanya of NiaZamar

#TurbanistaTrendsetter: Artist & Advocate Tanya of NiaZamar

Nia zamar

Tanya Turton is an artist, holistic healer, activist and creator of NiaZamar, a social enterprise with a mission to redefine and challenge what beauty is through multidisciplinary artistry. From the startup scene to beauty events, Tanya's vibrant style continues to catch our eye and that's why she's our latest Turbanista Trendsetter!

What does the headwrap mean to you?

The head wrap is a tool for self-expression and self-definition. On the days I choose to wrap my hair it is often an expression of how I'm feeling that day, it is powerful art that takes up space as it adorns my head. For me it is intentional. I know that any styles connected to African roots and culture run the risk of being stigmatized and discriminated against, so when I choose to move through the world in this way I am choosing my ancestors and roots. I am choosing to honour all those who came before me and carved out a space for myself expression of beauty. 

How would you describe your wrapping style?

This is a great question. Like all my art it comes from my soul. I usually just go with a feeling. Aesthetically speaking, I like it tight and cozy on my head with all the impact in the front. 

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Are there any turbanistas that you're inspired by and why?

May I say Ms. Badu herself? Erykah Badu inspires me because when I was younger and it wasn't cool, she was one of the few women I saw doing it so regularly. Beauty is highly spiritual for me and very much about self-discovery and definition. She represented at a time when it was not mainstream to do so. 

Which celebrity would you like to see rocking a headwrap? 

I would have to say Rihanna. I love her! I love that she is completely unapologetic and a visionary in branding and fashion. I would love to see the beauty that would come from her incorporating head wraps into her brand and fashion impact. 

Where do you shop for your headwraps?

May I confess that they have all been gifts or random finds? I have been blessed with beautiful friendships that support my self-love and adornment practices. If I were to go shopping I would certainly try to keep it local. There are so many Toronto businesses who have amazing products and are here to hook it up, like Kuwala. I am also a big fan of DIY, there are so many beautiful fabrics available when thrifting.

Can you provide wrapping tips/advice for aspiring turbanistas?

  • Let it flow - Try different looks and see what works best for you. There is no wrong or right. 
  • Tension is key - If you want it to last all day you need great tension. 
  • Be resourceful - Use what you have till you are able to get what you want. 
    In addition to the above tips, Tanya created the helpful headwrap tutorial video below. Get your self love on and redefine beauty with Niazamar by subscribing to her youtube channel, as well as following her on Instagram and Twitter.

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