Our Story

Hi everyone!

Thank you for visiting Kuwala! We’re happy that you want to learn more about us! Based in Toronto (yes, in Canada…eh!), Kuwala was born out of the desire for clothing that reflects our African heritage and contemporary style. We wanted clothes and accessories that fused African textiles with western styles that we could incorporate into our everyday life. We also knew that we were not alone in this feeling and had to find a way to make it easier for others to access vibrant prints and pieces from Africa and beyond.

Freeda Co-founder Veronica Co-founder

 Kuwala's Co-founders, Freeda & Veronica

We have both been fortunate enough to have spent time in Africa, from Ghana to South Africa, visiting our friends and families. During each trip, we were surrounded by ambitious and talented young people doing amazing things. Our aim is to create an international platform for African fashion designers from all walks of life to showcase their beautiful and unique designs.

We definitely don’t think ‘African-inspired’ fashion is a trend, it’s here to stay! We’re passionate about promoting the African fashion industry as a whole and we want to see the industry thrive. Follow us and let's support, promote and celebrate African fashion together!

Yours truly,

Veronica & Freeda
Kuwala Co-Founders


Learn more about Veronica & Freeda in this interview by JoGoVisions Podcast:

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Since our launch, we've partnered with some amazing individuals that have helped make Kuwala a reality. We can’t forget the make-up artists, photographers and, of course, our models who have lent their lovely (or handsome) faces to Kuwala. Merci Katie, Mwayi, Rahel, Dee, Olivier, Vanessa, Cassandre, and Odessa!