African Fabrics 101: From Angelina Print to Dashiki Shirt

Written By Kuwala Co - June 08 2016


May 11 2017

Personally I Don’t care for that Slave Ship Print Design especially after know my History and Finding that Our People/The Most Highs People/Children Were Never Africans…but in Fact The Negro Tribes…which the Bible confirms as as Hebrew Israelites…History would have that the So-Called Africans Helped the So Called White Capture The Negroes/Hebrew isràelites….Also the Bible statest that We are not the same people as Africans whom which decent from a Hamite…Our bloodline is not the same…The New Africans are The Old Egyptians…Bottom line is…Those Prints as cute as they are Looks as Slavery is Being Celebrated through expression of clothes…NO AFRICANS CAME OVER ON SLAVE SHIPS ONLY NEGROS/HEBREW ISRAELITES….I AM NOT AFRICAN…I AM A HEBREW ISRAELITE..ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH!!!!! HALAWAYAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samara Davy
January 06 2017

I think it’s funny that its typically worn by men but all the pictures here are women wearing them

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